Light trucks & vans

At CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centres in Manukau and Hamilton, we offer the following light truck and van refrigeration services.

Our customers include:

  • milk and baked goods vendors
  • chilled produce vendors including berries and lettuces


  • Diagnosis and repairs (please note our free evaluation offer does not apply to truck refrigeration)
  • Filter-drier replacement
  • Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning
  • Belt adjustment and replacement
  • Fan replacement and repairs
  • Rebuilt and new compressors
  • Hose repair and replacement
  • Electrical repairs, including 240V over-nighter repairs
  • Refrigerant conversions


  • New refrigeration systems fitted
  • Front and rear refrigeration units available for Toyota Hiace 2005 onwards

Contact us at CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centre Hamilton or Manukau for any inquiries.

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