Servicing saves $$$$$

Many people believe that when your air-conditioning stops working, it has just run out of gas and needs re-gassing.

However, an assessment of your system usually shows there has been a substantial system failure that was caused by, or led to, the refrigerant and system lubrication escaping. The problems that occur are almost always due to lack of use or lack of periodic maintenance.

Let us evaluate the system to identify the cause of the failure and identify the repairs needed.

Once your system is running again, we recommend you have your vehicle’s air-conditioning serviced every year. This includes cleaning the condenser of bugs and debris to encourage heat to be removed from the system.

Every second service we recommend replacing the refrigerant and receiver-drier. Servicing means your system will last longer and operate more efficiently and reliably. It’s important to maintain your vehicle air-conditioning just as you would any other mechanical system in your car. There are great long-term benefits that save you money.


  1. Julienne Snyders

    Hi, I have a 2004 mini cooper and was wondering approx. cost for air conditioning.
    My air conditioning is just not working so could need a top up or overhaul ??

    • It’s really best to bring your vehicle in for an evaluation. We offer an evaluation to tell you what’s wrong, what we want to do about it and how much that will cost. Bookings are advisable – evaluations take 15-30mins usually – and most people wait while we do that. Also, our centres are open Saturday mornings which may suit you. Please ring 0508 COOLCAR and select the centre nearest you to make a booking.

  2. Ray Miller

    My 2001 Nissan primera AC fan goes at high speed and will not slow even though the screen shows that it should be running slow, every thing else including the compressor goes ok.
    Have you struck this problem before?
    If you know what the trouble is and could fix it on Wednesday when you are in Otorohanga I would be grateful.
    Kind regards Ray

    (Replied by email and Ray’s car was fixed in October 2014)

  3. Adam Jenkin

    I have a 2001 BMW 318i and the aircon just hisses and doesnt make cold air, could i organise a quote?

  4. Horo Karauti

    Hey Guys, I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey and my air conditioning system is not working, after reading your website information I was wondering if I could bring it in for you guys to give a diagnosis? We live on Garnett Ave, Te Rapa.

    I can be contacted by way of email or on 021673508

  5. Car:Renault megane 1.9dti Rego: GGC621 Just had it re-gased and its not working? How much to appraise John

    • Hi John, thanks for your enquiry. One third of the time, low refrigerant isn’t the reason for an AC system not working. In almost all cases, when a car is low on refrigerant there would be a demonstrable leak to be repaired (where the person looking at the vehicle has the training, equipment and inclination to find a leak, that explains the low refrigerant levels). Be very suspicious of a person selling you a re-gas as solution in its own right. In your case, it sounds as if the refrigerant didn’t get the car AC going at all, or for long, so an appraisal of the faults is necessary. That car air-conditioning loses 10-20% of its gas every year as an excuse for re-gassing without repair is pure myth in modern AC systems. At CoolCar, we’ll take a look at your car and let you know how we’d like to proceed and how much that is likely to cost you. Please contact the centre nearest you in Auckland and Waikato to make your evaluation booking.

  6. Hi there, i have an e46 320i 2003 BMW, it has an leak somewhere in the ac line i was told, wondering how much it would cost to get that fixed and air con regassed ?

    • Thanks for your enquiry. We’d need to take a look at your car to verify the site of the leak. The labour involved to remove, repair or replace the hose/pipe will have a bearing on the cost of the repair and it depends on where it is situated. We also recommend system servicing in conjunction with the leak repair to fit a new drier and cabin filter to the vehicle, in most cases. Please contact the centre closest to you to make an evaluation booking.

  7. June Collins

    Have an 08 Honda Civic. Told I need a new compressor yet unit still cools very quickly when turned on. Problem seems to be with the compressor not turning off/on every 10 seconds or so as it has for the last 7 years. Instead it just keeps running and after about 15 minutes continuous running, the coling process stops. If a/c turned off using the controls inside, it will cool the air again if left for a few minutes. Is there a sensor not working properly that signals the compressor to switch off periodically. It’s been rehashed, Anda relay replaced but I am told I need a new compressor. Any ideas?

    • Hi. Bring your vehicle in to one of our centres in Auckland or Hamilton for an evaluation. Replacing compressors and re-gassing are two commonly carried out procedures that in isolation usually fail to address why the system is faulty in the first place. Most often compressor failure is due some other failing in the system meaning it doesn’t get what it needs and you’ve correctly described it works sometimes, so we need to establish why that is. It could be a sensor/control problem as you have surmised. Our evaluations take about 15-30 minutes to let you know what’s wrong and what we want to do about it.

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