CoolCar has top auto air-conditioning expertise

CoolCar has top auto air-conditioning expertise

We have years of experience and use the best tools – giving you the best results.

At CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centres, we ensure accurate diagnosis and repair of air-conditioning and heating systems in every type of vehicle, aircraft, boat and heavy equipment.

Here are four good reasons to take your vehicle to your nearest CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centre:

Trained and experienced technicians

Our trained and experienced technicians will know what they are looking for during a vehicle inspection.  If an air-conditioning system presents with low refrigerant, a good technician will be looking for the site of the loss. 

Oil and debris can be a sign of where the leak is so it can be fixed. Simple performance tests can help identify why your system isn’t working properly – low refrigerant isn’t always the problem. This in itself is an important reason to bring your car’s air-conditioning problems in to the professionals.

A lot of people will only sell you a re-gas because that is where their expertise ends. CoolCar are the specialists. As an example, CoolCar Hamilton diagnose more than 1000 vehicles in a summer season, giving them a lot of experience in what they do.

Electronic leak detection

Sensitive electronic leak detectors detect refrigerant leaks down to sizes that are not visible but are causing problems. A failure to use leak detection with this type of sensitivity means significant leaks can be missed.  

Electronic leak detectors are far more sensitive than a nitrogen or refrigerant pressure drop test (which involves looking or listening for a pressure drop). However, not all leaks can be found using an electronic leak detector.

Loktrace leak detection technology

This German made hydrogen-nitrogen leak detector uses dual sensor technology to detect leaks and is more sensitive than leak detection using refrigerant. 

In the hands of the skilled professionals at CoolCar, this is a valuable tool to detect leaks that are small or hard to access. It is currently available at CoolCar Hamilton and North Shore.  These centres are ready for leak detection in new style HFO1234yf systems with this technology.

Refrigerant identifier

Many operators are unethically re-gassing leaking air-conditioning systems with contaminated refrigerant. It is therefore vital for us to be able to identify the composition of the refrigerant in a system.

Refrigerant identifier helps us diagnose unusual system performance. It helps prevent contaminating our refrigerant with chemicals introduced by other operators that have no place in automotive systems – such as eR22, propane, isobutane, air and other unidentified components.