Cooling classic cars with specialist skills

Cooling classic cars with specialist skills

We know classic cars are loved by their owners, and we enjoy meeting and helping owners.

CoolCar can help you love your classic car even more, with the cool breeze of a properly functioning air-conditioning system.

CoolCar Hamilton custom build air-conditioning and heating systems for classic cars and other vehicles from scratch that will stand the test of time. This expertise makes this centre a rarity among air-conditioning businesses in New Zealand.

We can custom build air-conditioning systems for classic cars, other vehicles, agricultural vehicles, trains, boats and aircraft.

This centre has this specialist design and build expertise, but all our centres have the expertise to look after your existing air-conditioning system or reinstate air-conditioning when certain components are broken or missing.

Our air-conditioning centres also service specialty vehicle air-conditioning, like limousines, ambulances and prison transport.

Among our highly experienced staff, we have air-conditioning and heating experts, auto-electricians and mechanics and can take care of the full range of issues encountered including leak diagnosis and repair, electrical issues, system servicing and deodorisation of vehicles.