Get your air-conditioning sorted in spring

Get your air-conditioning sorted in spring

Visit CoolCar in spring and beat the summer heat and crowds.

If you get your vehicle air-conditioning checked in spring, you will get in ahead of the busiest season for air-conditioning repairs in December and January.

Getting your air-conditioning sorted in spring means you can relax, knowing you will be able enjoy the holidays instead of visiting a workshop along with many other people.

You will also prolong the life of your air conditioning system.

CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centres have all the equipment and expertise to give your system a thorough evaluation and service, checking all parts for wear and tear and making small repairs before they turn into large ones.

CoolCar recommend you have your air-conditioning checked every 12 months and serviced every two years.

“A car’s air-conditioning system is made up of a number of components including a compressor, evaporator, fan and condenser. Any one of those components may experience wear and tear so it pays to have the whole system checked regularly – at least every 12 months,” says Catherine Tocker from CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centres.

Modern air-conditioning systems need belts and pollen filters changed, even when there are no other faults.

“Be one of the wise people and get your air-conditioning system checked before the summer heat sets in,” Catherine says.

CoolCar Air Conditioning Centres check and service air-conditioning systems all year round.

It is recommended you keep your air-conditioning system turned on throughout the year (along with your heater in winter) to keep the seals and hoses supple. Keeping the windows closed throughout the year will ensure a constant temperature at the setting you have selected.