It Just Needs a Re-gas….

It Just Needs a Re-gas….

‘I think my car just needs a re-gas’

This is the phrase we hear every day. It is a common misconception that AC systems need topping up every year and one that ‘re-gas specialists’ would continue to have you believe. If your AC system has run out of gas, it’s often because it’s got a leak…

Did you know…….

An ozone layer-friendly gas when it was introduced to Australia back in 1995, R134a is itself now perceived to be damaging to the environment. R134a has since been classified as a ‘high Global Warming Potential (GWP)’ gas. The chlorofluorocarbon-based R12 it replaced would be even more harmful if it had remained available.

Already, many car companies and gas suppliers are making the migration to R1234yf, which has a GWP rating of 4 and breaks down chemically within a week. The new refrigerant has been running through air conditioning systems of certain cars sold in Australia since 2014.

In contrast with R1234yf, R134a has a GWP rating of 1,440 – and takes over 13 years to break down to its core chemical components. R12 has a GWP rating of 8,500 and takes 150 years to break down.

What does the GWP rating mean?

The warming potential of R134a refrigerant is 1,440, meaning that the release of one gram of R134a would have the same global warming effect as releasing 1,440 grams of carbon dioxide.

The average R134a AC system has a capacity of approx 500g

Still just want a re-gas?