Just want a re-gas?

Your air-conditioning system needs new gas because in most cases there is a leak in your system.

We look for and fix any leaks that we find first before re-gassing.

Otherwise, your gas will most likely just disappear again into the atmosphere.

It is illegal to release vehicle air-conditioning gas (also known as refrigerant) into the atmosphere when that release can be prevented.

It is illegal to re-gas and operate vehicle air-conditioning with preventable leaks.

If we don’t find and fix the fault, you could end up with expensive long-term damage to your vehicle air-conditioning system.

That’s why we do the right thing and won’t just re-gas your system without looking for and fixing any leaks first.


We use specialist tools to find leaks and repair them before re-gassing, preventing the release of refrigerants into the atmosphere.

CoolCar also undertake lawful recovery of air-conditioning refrigerant, where required, into approved compressed gas cylinders for recycling or appropriate destruction.