Keep your air-conditioning in top shape

Keep your air-conditioning in top shape

CoolCar recommend having your air-conditioning system professionally checked every 12 months and your system serviced every two years. This will help ensure it continues to function well.

Regular servicing helps prevent you facing a big repair job.

Many people believe that when your air-conditioning stops working, it has just run out of gas and needs re-gassing.

However, an assessment of your system usually shows there has been a system failure that was caused by, or led to, the refrigerant and system lubrication escaping. The problems that occur are almost always due to lack of use or lack of periodic maintenance.

When you bring your vehicle to us, we will evaluate the system to identify the cause of the failure and identify the repairs needed. We will give you an estimate and, if you decide to go ahead with the work, we will provide you with the best service and solution.

Once your system is running again, we recommend you have your vehicle’s air-conditioning checked every year and serviced every second year. This includes cleaning the condenser of bugs and debris to encourage heat to be removed from the system. Every second year we recommend replacing the refrigerant and receiver-drier, which we do for you.

Servicing means your system will last longer and operate more efficiently and reliably. It is important to maintain your vehicle air-conditioning just as you would any other mechanical system in your car.