Keep cosy on winter commutes

Keep cosy on winter commutes

Get CoolCar’s help with your car heating to ensure you stay warm in your car.

We’re much more than air-conditioning specialists!

In the summer months when you’re using your car air-conditioning unit more than usual, issues with the heating system can go undetected.

When winter arrives, you can be caught out on the drive to work on those frosty mornings by a faulty or broken heater.

It is recommended you get any issues with your car heater checked and fixed by your local CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centre before winter sets in.

“You can avoid the discomfort that comes with a failing or broken car heating system by getting it diagnosed and repaired before winter hits,” says Catherine Tocker from CoolCar Hamilton.

“No-one needs to drive to work in an ice-box in winter. All it takes is a quick visit to your local CoolCar centre.”

CoolCar staff are highly trained in all things heating related and have the tools and specialised equipment to diagnose and repair any car heating problem.

Common issues with your car heater include electrical problems, engine cooling problems, and resistor burn out.

“We’ve seen almost every car heater problem and always manage to find a timely and cost-effective solution,” Catherine says.

CoolCar are the experts in diagnosis and repair of air-conditioning and heating systems in every type of vehicle, including cars, agricultural vehicles, tractors, buses, aircraft and heavy equipment.

If you’re having problems with your car heating or air-conditioning, phone 0508 COOLCAR (0508 266 5227) and select the CoolCar Air-conditioning Centre closest to you.