We’ll keep your car smelling nice and fresh

We’ll keep your car smelling nice and fresh

If your car is smelly, bring it in to a CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centre for a check-up.

Let us know you’re concerned your air-conditioning may be causing smells. As part of the check, we’ll look for the source of the odour. It could be your air-conditioning, or it could be a blocked, contaminated pollen filter.

The smell could also be from something unrelated to your air-conditioning such as a dead rat or mouse, so it’s important you bring your car in for us to look at. There are other possible causes, listed below.

After we’ve checked your car, we’ll tell you the repairs or servicing required to stop the smell, and any other work required to keep your air-conditioning and heating working well. We will give you an estimate of the cost.

We can’t give you an estimate without seeing your car, as a visual inspection is needed to determine faults.

Other possible causes of smells:

  • refrigerant oil from a leaking evaporator or antifreeze for a leaking heater core
  • mould from a blocked evaporator drain flooding the inside of your car
  • fungus or debris on an externally blocked evaporator.

Repairs to stop smells in your air-conditioning and heating system may include the following:

  • Servicing, repairing or replacing pollen filters, evaporators and heater cores
  • Deodorising the evaporator with air-conditioning disinfectant
  • Deodorising the interior of the car with ozone.

To book your car air-conditioning and heating check, please phone 0508 COOLCAR (0508 266 5227) and select the centre nearest to you.