Stop your windows fogging up in winter

Stop your windows fogging up in winter

CoolCar has top tips to keep your windows clear and keep you safe.

When windows fog up, you can’t start driving because you can’t see where you’re going. Most people furiously wipe the mist away only for it to return within a few seconds.

Others might wind down the window and get blasted by the cool morning air. Some might turn their air-conditioning on full and wait for the fog to disappear.

Catherine Tocker from CoolCar Hamilton says this problem can be a daily battle for people over winter.

“That’s why we want to share some tips for how to reduce condensation in your vehicle, and the best ways to deal with it.”

Windows fog up on the inside when warm, moist air in the car meets colder glass surfaces, causing condensation.

Here are CoolCar’s 4 ways to stop your car windows from fogging up on winter mornings.

Make sure your vehicle’s air-conditioning is running correctly.

This is by far the most important factor in preventing foggy windows. If your air-conditioning is working as it should, it will take care of condensation quickly. You can get your air-conditioning tested and repaired at your local CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centre.

Reduce longer-term moisture build-up inside your vehicle.

There are all sorts of creative ways people do this, from installing car dehumidifiers to putting socks full of cat litter on the dashboard. The simplest way is to regularly air your vehicle out on fine days.

Apply anti-fog spray to your windscreen.

You can buy various anti-fog products from automotive stores. While some people say this work well, others say it is more trouble than it’s worth.

Get your seals checked.

Ask your mechanic to check door and window seals in your vehicle. Damaged seals may be letting moisture into your vehicle, contributing to your condensation problem.

If you want to get your car air-conditioning checked and repaired before you start running into this problem, give your local CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centre a call.