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You Might Need More Than A Regas

Customers often ring around getting pricing for a re-gas.

We are reluctant to give pricing without seeing the vehicle first as we don’t know what we are dealing with until then and offer a vehicle inspection.

We explain that the vehicle will need to be inspected and that if low refrigerant is the issue the leak would need to be found and priced for repairs. Often the customer will enquire that if it was just a re-gas how much would it be?

Today we had such a customer, but she was persuaded to bring the vehicle in for an evaluation on the proviso that we would re-gas it there and then if we didn’t find anything else wrong.

On inspection we found the vehicle had refrigerant but wasn’t working because of a blown relay and blocked cabin filters.

The complaint was the same as for low refrigerant, i.e. the AC does not blow cold air, but the cause was different.

Sometimes the person selling you the cheapest re-gas can only sell you refrigerant and not what you need. It is not uncommon for us to see a vehicle that has been re-gassed, but the AC still doesn’t work because it wasn’t the fault, like this case.

Please allow us to evaluate your vehicle before providing pricing so both parties can understand what is going on and what’s required to fix it properly.

Please call us to make a booking. Phone 0508 COOLCAR (0508 266 5227) and select the centre closest to you. We have centres in Auckland and Hamilton. Otherwise, you may prefer to look at our Centres page and see the individual centre’s phone numbers. 


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