We’re the ultimate choice for all your vehicle air-conditioning and heating needs for all types of vehicles.

We offer a wide range of services. If a service you’re after isn’t here, contact us – we may be able to help.

Phone 0508 COOLCAR and select your nearest CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centre.

Types of vehicles

We have expertise in air-conditioning for all types of vehicles, aircraft and boats.

  • cars, four-wheel-drives, utes, vans
  • motor-homes, boats
  • trucks, transport refrigeration
  • planes, helicopters
  • trains, buses
  • tractors, farm vehicles
  • heavy machinery
  • performance cars, classic cars, replica vehicles
  • emergency vehicles including ambulances

If your vehicle is not on this list, contact us anyway as we will most likely be able to help you.

The vehicles we work on include the following:

Alfa Romeo
Aston Martin
Deutz Fahr
John Deere
Land Rover
New Holland
Rolls Royce

Vehicle air-conditioning

CoolCar are specialists in vehicle air-conditioning evaluation, repairs, servicing, sales, installation, pollen filters and deodorisation.


Bring your vehicle in for an examination of your air-conditioning system. We will let you know what work, if any, is needed.


If you’re having problems with your vehicle air-conditioning, e.g. it’s not working or it’s smelly, we will recommend the repairs needed. We will give you an estimate and update you if the work looks likely to go over that amount.


Vehicle air-conditioning systems need regular servicing to remain at their best. It’s similar to the regular servicing of your car. We recommend you have your air-conditioning checked every 12 months, and serviced every second year.


We are able to work on R12 (Freon), R134a and R1234YF (Opteon YF) systems.


We install vehicle air-conditioning systems in all types of vehicles. We’ll give you expert advice on which system is best for your vehicle.

Pollen filters

Pollen filters reduce pollen, dust, smog and other irritants coming into your vehicle. They also help protect your air-conditioning system from being clogged up by pollutants.


This service removes smells from your vehicle which can be caused by mould, mildew and other causes. We deodorise both your air-conditioning system and any smells within the vehicle itself.

Vehicle heating

CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centres provide a full range of services to ensure your vehicle heating runs at its best. Say hello to comfort and goodbye to foggy windows!

We are specialists in vehicle heating, as well as air-conditioning. Heating services include evaluation, repairs, servicing, sales and installation. When your heater is not working, you’re getting heat when you want cold, or you’re getting cold when you want heat, contact us. If you want a new heater, talk to us.

We repair heaters, radiators, heater cores, heater blower motors, heater hoses including all the electronic controls, thermostats and temperature sensors. We also do heater core replacement (also known as heater coil replacement).

Light truck and van refrigeration

At CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centres in Manukau, East Auckland and Hamilton, we offer a range of light truck and van refrigeration services.


Our customers include:

  • vendors of milk and baked goods
  • vendors of chilled produce including berries and lettuces

Contact us with any other requirements.


  • Diagnosis and repairs (please note our free evaluation offer does not apply to truck refrigeration)
  • Filter-drier replacement
  • Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning
  • Belt adjustment and replacement
  • Fan replacement and repairs
  • Rebuilt and new compressors
  • Hose repair and replacement
  • Electrical repairs, including 240V over-nighter repairs
  • Refrigerant conversions


  • New refrigeration systems fitted
  • Front and rear refrigeration units available for Toyota Hiace 2005 onwards

Contact us at CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centre Manukau, East Auckland or Hamilton for any inquiries. See our Centres page for contact details or phone 0508 COOLCAR and select the centre closest to you.

Auto electrical services

As part of our services, we provide auto-electrical services. They are often a necessary part of air-conditioning repair.

An excellent understanding of auto-electrical systems is needed to be able to diagnose and repair air-conditioning systems.

On modern vehicles, we use advanced auto-electrical diagnostic systems. For some vehicles, even in the absence of an auto-electrical fault, our technicians need auto-electrical systems to be able to communicate with both your car’s engine management system and its air-conditioning system.

With some cars, it is not possible to re-gas the air-conditioning, after diagnosis and repair of any problems, without an auto-electrical tool.

Our knowledge and experience mean you receive the best.

Portable fridge-freezers (Hamilton and North Shore only)

In addition to all the other CoolCar services, CoolCar Hamilton and CoolCar North Shore also sell and service portable fridge-freezers.

Check out this great review from happy campers Rosemary and Peter in the NZ Motorhome & Caravan Forum.

You can use these portable fridge-freezers almost anywhere. They are great in the back of your vehicle for keeping food and drinks chilled.

We sell Engel and Dometic portable fridge-freezers.

We service and repair most makes and models of 12/24/240V portable fridge-freezers including Engel, Dometic, Waeco, Electrolux, Nova Cold, Norcold, Mobicool, Vitrifrigo and Indel B.


When we service your fridge-freezer, a pre-paid inspection fee of $115 applies. This inspection fee will be refunded if your warranty is accepted by the supplier.

You will need to bring your proof of purchase with you to make a claim and the fault needs to meet the supplier’s definition of a manufacturing defect.

Note: wiring faults and power supply problems are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

For inquiries

Phone CoolCar Hamilton on 07 849 6906 to speak with one of our team about your portable fridge-freezer. For North Shore, phone 09 443 8025.

Off the grid refrigeration services

Our Hamilton centre provides services to set up your vehicle to operate off the grid – including lights and water pumps.

Talk to us about your off the grid requirements for your vehicle.

Phone CoolCar Hamilton on 07 849 6906 or 0508 COOLCAR option 1.

Dometic and Eberspacher

CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centre Hamilton can take care of your Dometic or Air-Command roof top air-conditioning fault or installation as well as Eberspacher diesel heater sales and service.

Phone CoolCar Hamilton on 07 849 6906 or 0508 COOLCAR option 1

Redarc solar panel services

CoolCar Hamilton and CoolCar North Shore offer solar panel installation and charging setups for vehicles and buildings. The solar panels charge the batteries to run accessories like TVs, lights and fridges.

We’re your choice for virtually any kind of solar panel set-up including campervans, caravans, boats and a wide range  of building types. We’ve even set up a sheep shed that was right off the grid – they now have full lights and four fridges!

Phone CoolCar Hamilton on 07 849 6906 or 0508 COOLCAR option 6.

Phone CoolCar North Shore on 09 443 8025 or 0508 COOLCAR option 5.

Hulk 4×4

To match the growing popularity of 4x4s, CoolCar Hamilton and CoolCar North Shore provide the full range of products from leading supplier Hulk 4×4.  Everything you need when you’re out on the beach or stuck in the mud. Examples include all the essential recovery gear including winches, winch rope, recovery tracks, jacks, straps, drag chain, lightbars and dual battery systems.  We can also supply Hulk 4×4 camping accessories such as awnings and lights, as well as the caravan and trailer accessories, including extended mirrors, locks, steps, ratchet straps and tie down points. We offer a full fitting service for all Hulk 4×4 products.

Phone CoolCar Hamilton on 07 849 6906 or 0508 COOLCAR option 6.

Phone CoolCar North Shore on 09 443 8025 or 0508 COOLCAR option 5.