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The Only Business With The Required Experience and Equipment. 

With the advent of parallel imported cars such as the high-end Mercedes S-Class, systems with this refrigerant are circulating in New Zealand.  As this refrigerant is not used in Mercedes sold directly to the NZ market, Mercedes does not have the equipment for these cars at the dealership, as CO2 is not supported.  So, the decision was made to set up CoolCar Hamilton with the necessary equipment.

Mercedes has elected to use C02 as a refrigerant due to its relatively low-GWP (global warming potential).  Compared with some other refrigerants, CO2 has a GWP of 1 (being the baseline for CO2 equivalent measurement). The typical refrigerant R134a, used for 25 years in cars, has a GWP of 1400.  International accords are driving the change to low GWP refrigerants in all applications; cars, domestic and commercial air-conditioning, and refrigeration.

Due to the lack of knowledge in the air-conditioning industry regarding CO2 systems, CoolCar Hamilton has garnered the materials and techniques required to repair these systems. 



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