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For Classic Car Enthusiasts

As you would expect, putting air-conditioning in classic cars presents different complexities to modern cars.

This Ford Mustang Fastback 1966 had been retrofitted with Ford Mustang AC during its life but a lot of the components were missing.

First, we polished and fitted a stainless air-conditioning compressor and power steering mount. We polished a compressor to match and built a condenser and mount to suit. Our next step was to re-hose the whole car for air-conditioning.

A new power steering pump was fitted to suit the new compressor mount. Then we made power steering hoses to suit.

During our work, we found the radiator was leaking so we fitted an aluminium radiator. We had to remove the direct drive fan, hand-made an aluminium fan shroud and fitted an electric fan to improve engine cooling and help deal with the extra heat load from having air-conditioning. Then we rewired the air-conditioning and fan circuit to make it all work.

Now the owner will be able to enjoy his summer not only in style but also in a temperature that’s just right.


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