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Light Truck And Van Refrigeration

CoolCar offer light truck and van refrigeration services at some centres.

There CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centres are specialists in these services ─ Manukau, East Tamaki and Hamilton.

This is in addition to the centres’ usual services, including vehicle air-conditioning and heating for all types of vehicles.

“If you suspect your truck or van has an issue with the refrigeration, the best thing to do is to immediately make a booking with one of these three centres, where our refrigeration experts can diagnose the fault,” says Catherine Tocker of CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centres.

Existing customers who use CoolCar light truck and van refrigeration services include chilled produce vendors, and milk and baked goods vendors.

“Some of our customers transport delicate produce, such as berries and lettuce, which must be kept cool at all times.  It’s very important for us to make sure their vehicle’s refrigeration is well maintained and in good working order.”

Phone 0508 266 5227 (0508 266 5227) or see our Contact us section.

CoolCar Air-Conditioning Centres offer the following services for your refrigerated light truck or van:

  • Maintenance

  • Diagnosis and repairs

  • Filter-drier replacement

  • Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning

  • Belt adjustment and replacement

  • Cooling fan replacement and repairs

  • Rebuilt and new compressors

  • Hose repair and replacement

  • Electrical repairs, including 240V over-nighter repairs

  • Refrigerant conversions

  • Installations

  • Fitting of new refrigeration systems


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