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For Sale: Purpose Built Hunting Landcruiser

Purpose-built hunting Land Cruiser for sale!

This purpose-built hunting vehicle (pictured) is for sale! Modified FJ45 Land Cruiser with a 9,000lb Warn winch and compressed air. It runs a 1UZ V8 and H55J five-speed gearbox running 3.7 ratio diffs. Air-conditioning and heater. Personalised license plate NOT included. Contact Rodney 021 745 031.

The vehicle has a long-wheelbase cab on a short-wheelbase chassis. Compressor-driven 4WD shift and 100-litre fuel tank in the back. Running two batteries. Runs eight spotlights including two in the back, two fog lights, and LEDs on the top storage box. One handheld spotlight for the top box. Axe and shovel on the lid in the top box. Soft top is in two halves; you can take the back half off.

Runs two sets of rims: one with road tyres and one with 4WD tyres. Windscreen tips down for shooting out the front. Side mirrors. Towbar for up to 2,000kg. The chassis is shortened 100mm in the front. Cab raised 50mm. ARB air-locker in the rear diff. Limited slip diff in the front. Most of all it’s fun to drive!


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