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Blowing But Not Cold?

This is the most common complaint we hear about car air-conditioning systems. Usually this is a result of a loss of refrigerant. If you re-gas  your car without fixing the fault the new refrigerant will continue to leak out of the car causing further damage to your car air-conditioning system resulting in more expensive repairs and polluting the environment. 

We can repair your car Air-Conditioning system

At CoolCar air-conditioning we will evaluate your cars air-conditioning system and advise you as to what is wrong with your car air-conditioning and what it will take to repair. 

What do we do in an evaluation?

During the evaluation we will comprehensively check over your entire air-conditioning system. A visual inspection for damage or leaks. Where possible we will add a diagnostic charge of refrigerant and test the performance of the air-conditioning system. If the air-conditioning is leaking we will use a special gas to detect the leak.

What does it cost?

The evaluation takes about 30 minutes and costs $120. If your car has a slow leak we may want to keep your car overnight. We have courtesy cars for your convenience.  

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