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At CoolCar Henderson and Northshore. We can repair any automotive electrical faults you might be experiencing. Including starter and alternator repairs and replacement, trailer wiring, burned wiring, chasing shorts, repairing Air bag wiring, Repairs to ABS wiring and speed sensor, Engine sensors testing and replacements, diagnosing and resolving all warning lights on the dashboard, including A/C, PDC sensor, engine hard starting and non-starting and lots more.

Our talented and experienced staff have the know-how to repair all the electrical systems in your car. Whether is wiring in a new stereo or advanced repairs like CAN bus faults we have the skills to get the job done.

Meet Ray.....

Ray has 18 year’s experience in automotive electrical work and ran a Bosch-certified workshop for six years before joining the team at CoolCar. Ray trained with Bosch and has an AA Trade Certificate in Auto Electrical from South Africa. Ray is passionate about auto-electrical diagnosis and loves nothing more than sinking his diagnostic teeth into an auto-electrical issue – the harder the better!

Bring your automotive electrical headaches in to see him and his team.



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