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Get your vehicle heating and foggy windows sorted

CoolCar can fix your vehicle heating, demisting and defogging issues so you can be safe and cosy on the road.

No-one needs to drive to work freezing or overwhelmed by windows fogging up or demisting not working. All it takes is a visit to your local CoolCar centre.

CoolCar staff are highly trained in all things heating including auto heating repairs and service. We have autoelectrical and air-conditioning expertise. We have the tools and specialised equipment to diagnose and repair any car heating or air-conditioning problem.

Common issues with your car heater include electrical and engine cooling problems, and resistor burn out. CoolCar has seen almost every car heater problem and will find timely and cost-effective solutions for you.

CoolCar are experts in diagnosis, repair and servicing of air-conditioning and heating systems in every type of vehicle including cars, trucks, vans, agricultural vehicles, tractors, buses, aircraft and heavy equipment. Also caravans and campers.

Contacts: Visit our Centres page or call 0508 COOLCAR (0508 266 5227) and select the centre closest to you.

Five centres: Waikato: Hamilton. Auckland: North Shore, Henderson, Manukau, East Tamaki. We recommend phoning ahead to book.

Courtesy cars: Available by arrangement – cheap and cheerful but better than a bus!

Mobile service: Talk to us about our mobile service for trucks, tractors and heavy equipment – also by arrangement.



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