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Re-gassing your vehicle, without first having the leak repaired, is merely a temporary fix. Hence, it is CoolCar’s policy to accurately diagnose the vehicle and repair the fault, before we re-gas it. Modern-day vehicles are designed like a vacuum, in order to cycle the same refrigerant over and over, until a fault or leak occurs so that harmful refrigerant cannot enter the environment. If your vehicle’s air-conditioning system is faulty, and you suspect that it is low on refrigerant, or requiring a ‘top-up,’ many mechanics will offer a re-gas as a ‘cure-all’ for AC faults, as air-conditioning repairs can be a strenuous process, however, we abhor that you have the fault identified and resolved instead of merely re-gassing your car as a temporary solution, as it will eventually leak out again.  The substance used to make the refrigerant that circulates your vehicle’s AC system is a synthetic compound called hydrofluorocarbons. Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are controlled substances primarily due to their potent impact on climate change. HFCs are considered greenhouse gasses and in an attempt to mitigate the environmental impact of HFCs and encourage the adoption of ethical AC repair practices, and alternative, more environmentally friendly refrigerants, the New Zealand government introduced the Climate Change Response Act in 2013, to combat climate change.

If we don’t find and fix the fault, you could end up with expensive long-term damage to your vehicle’s air-conditioning system, as running a broken system 

You can read the full report issued by the Environmental Protection Authority (Te Mana Rauhi Taiao) regarding the illegality of releasing synthetic greenhouse gasses into the environment, HERE.  

Instead of merely doing re-gasses, you can find the details of our process for repairing vehicles here. 



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