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CoolCar Hamilton & CoolCar Northshore Sell and Service Portable Fridge-Freezers

We sell Engel and Dometic portable fridge-freezers and we service and repair most makes and models of 12/24/240B and gas (LPG) portable fridge-freezers including Engel, Dometic, Waeco, Electrolux, Nova Cold, Norcold, Moabivool, Vitrifrigo and Indel B. 

When we service or repair your fridge-freezer, a pre-paid inspection of $120 applies, including for new models where warranty may be pending. This inspection fee will be refunded if your warranty is accepted by the supplier. 

You will need to bring proof of purchase with you to make a claim and the fault needs to meet the suppliers definition of a manufacturing defect. 

Note: wiring faults and power supply problems are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. This service is specific to CoolCar Hamilton and and Northshore



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